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Volunteer Your Content!

Volunteering doesn't always need to take extra time...we would be SO grateful for your existing content! Here's how:

Are you someone who already has a library full of articles, courses, and free webinars that you just know are going to be transformational for a charity?

Perhaps you are someone who has a lot of knowledge, but have been looking for a reason to create content?

Or maybe you're just a kind hearted person who knows how difficult it can be to run a successful business, and you'd love to help!

Whichever camp you fall into, we would love to hear from you!

We are working on making JWC a much more value adding platform - both online and offline! Our purpose is to support charities and individuals in a way that empowers them to gain valuable knowledge, so they can kickstart their journeys. Whether it is how to run a charity in the most profitable way, best tips for using social media, or how to practice mindfulness - we would love for this to be shared within our network!

Your content highlights/summaries will be posted on the JWC social media platforms, with you / your brand tagged in the posts so everyone know it's yours! It will also be added onto our web page with links back to you so people can reach out directly to find out more about what you offer!

Content we would love to get from your:

  • Blog articles

  • Free webinar recordings (or a link to your landing page)

  • Written materials / presentations

Fill in the form below and share with us the content topic(s) and type(s) that you would like to offer, and if it's a good fit we will reach out to discuss in more detail!

Submit your content ideas here:

Thank you for submitting your idea(s)! We will be in touch soon

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