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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

The JWF heart

We have a mission to build a group of powerful volunteers who are passionate about making an impact.

The Janette Wong Community is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and children in need. We strive to provide meaningful support and volunteer opportunities for charities all over the world. Our speciality is matching up the right volunteer opportunity with the right candidate.

The Community provides a platform for volunteers to connect with charities and share their skills. We are committed to creating a positive impact and giving back, and are passionate about helping those in need.

The key objectives



to provide a platform to help support professional women to give back to people and charities in need with time and/or skills.



to support as many small/medium charities with a large focus on providing assistance with vulnerable women and children.



we want to ultimately empower women through the gift of giving and the power of charity and support.


The Janette Wong Community was founded in November 2022 to with 3 key objectives in mind - to provide a platform for professional women to give back; to support small/medium sized charities; and ultimately empower vulnerable women and children.


Our founder, Janette Wong, is passionate about contribution and giving back to the world, as well as enabling other like-minded women to do the same. This is why she founded JWC - by working with charities to understand their needs, the foundation can offer professional women an opportunity to support these charities through workshops, fundraising, and short term projects.


Janette Wong is a life coach, working with professional women to release them from their frustrating and unfulfilled lives through empowering them with self discovery, self assessment and life visioning techniques, so her clients can live the life of their dreams.


She is passionate about doing good and giving back, and strongly believes in empowering others to thrive. She is also committed to building a community of powerful, like-minded women who are willing to inspire and empower others.


She is especially focused on working with women and children, because she truly believes in nurturing nature of women gives them an "edge" where they are willing to share and spread the word of goodness, and in turn children and generations to come will be able to benefit from an empowered and enlightened world.

Janette Wong, Founder
Janette Wong, Founder
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