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The Women's Wellness Summit 2023

Saturday October 21st, 10am - 5pm

Recordings from the day!

The FREE full day event on Zoom with 7 inspirational women speakers talking all things mental and physical health, self love, wellness, confidence, and much more.

The full day event included talks from:

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Janette Wong - Self Love Coach


How to live life on purpose

In this day and age, it can be so challenging to life a purposeful and fulfilling life. Why? Because many people don't know what their life purpose is, and even if they knew, they can't seem to find a way to live it. In this webinar, Janette will be sharing the 5 key pillars of how to start living a purposeful and fulfilling life - she will be sharing her personal experience and knowledge that she's learnt over the years, as well as practical tips that she uses on a regular basis in order to kick start your journey to living your dream life.

Janette's Talk
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Empowering Leap 31 day challenge

Self Love Challenge

Setting your Priorities

Harpreet Johal - Certified Coaching Consultant


The power of Self Image

During this session, Harpreet will cover the science behind our paradigms or mental programming and then delve further into the concept of ‘Self Image’ discovered by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. You will learn the importance of cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and how to elevate and shift your self-image to align with any personal goals that you are working towards.